In a firm stance against violent criminal activity, Commissioner of Police Dr. Kevin Blake, representing the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), reaffirms the organization’s dedicated pursuit of justice and restoration of peace within the nation.

Addressing the media during a quarterly briefing on Tuesday, March 09, Commissioner Blake delivered a clear message to those engaged in criminal behavior: their actions have not gone unnoticed. “The havoc you wreak, the fear you sow, and the destruction you bring upon the livelihoods of innocent Jamaicans have demanded our full attention. And now, you have it,” he emphasized.

He cautioned criminals to surrender peacefully when confronted by the police, highlighting the futility and tragic consequences of escalating situations to fatal shootings. “Do not make the grave mistake of raising your guns against my police. Our primary goal is to arrest, charge, and present every accused before the courts; not to engage in fatal confrontations,” asserted Blake.

Furthermore, he stressed that the reduction of fatal shootings by the police hinges entirely on the cooperation of criminals. “My directive to my members remains clear and unequivocal: when you are faced with lethal force, we expect you to respond with the precision and discipline that your training has afforded you,” Commissioner Blake reiterated.

Urging citizens to play an active role in community safety, Commissioner Blake implored anyone with information on criminal activities to come forward. “We must isolate the criminals among us. We must not give them cover. We need every citizen to become an active participant in safeguarding their communities. We must push these criminals out from the shadows and make it clear that they have no place among us,” he emphasized.

He encouraged individuals to report suspicious activities by utilizing various channels such as Crime Stop at 311, Police Emergency at 119, the NIB Tip Line at 811, or by contacting the nearest police station.

Commissioner Blake’s resolute stance underscores the JCF’s unwavering commitment to upholding law and order, ensuring the safety and well-being of all communities.