February 25,  2021-In light of the increase in road fatalities over the past two weeks,  the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is issuing a warning to road users to be more cautious when on the roads. Since the start of the year, the country has recorded seventy (70) deaths from sixty-three (63) road traffic collisions.

Citing data on the number of traffic crashes since the start of the year, the Force’s traffic boss,  Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Gary McKenzie, appealed for persons to be mindful of the road rules, road signs and markings, and to obey the speed limit.

“The practice of some drivers to drive at excessive speeds, to overtake at corners, to drive fast on wet roads, and to drive motorcycles at high speeds without helmets are the main reasons why we are having these fatal collisions,’ ACP Mckenzie explained.

“The JCF has been conducting high-visibility patrols and enforcing the road traffic laws in a bid to stem the undisciplined behaviour being exhibited by some road users. However, we continue to have a high rate of collisions occurring,” said ACP McKenzie.

‘Road users must use the roadway based on its condition,’ ACP McKenzie advised. “Obedience to signs and marks are of paramount importance and where signs and marks are not present, extreme caution is to be exercised in keeping close to the left of the road. Persons must also avoid distractions such as the use of the cellular phone, and drive at a safe speed”, ACP Mckenzie urged.

He offered some tips for all road users:


·         Keep in your lane and do not change lanes suddenly

·         When turning at an intersection, always give the correct signal

·         Do not speed around corners and do not speed on wet or unfamiliar roads

·         Cut your speed when pedestrians are nearby


Pedestrians, when using the road:

·         Walk facing oncoming traffic

·         Wear light-coloured clothing at nights

·         Don ot assume the right-of-way at pedestrian crossings

·         Walk in a single file where there is no sidewalk or where the sidewalk is narrow

·         Clearly indicate to motorists and cyclists your desire to cross the road

Pedal cyclists when using the roads:

·         Observe stop lights and stop signs

·         Do not hold on to moving vehicles

·         Do not travel in the wrong direction on one-way streets

·         Do not tow another person on your bicycle