Murder, Conspiracy to Murder, Wounding with Intent, two counts of Unauthorized Possession of Ammunition and two counts of Possession of a Prohibited Weapon charges were laid against 24-year-old Stephan Wallace otherwise called ‘Blue’ of Abeng Way, Nanny Ville Garden, Kingston 3, in relation to a December 02, 2023, shooting along Marescaux Road, Kingston 5.

He is charged for the death of 28-year-old Stephan Brown, otherwise called ‘Nero’ of Whitehall district, Middle Quarters, St. Elizabeth, Regent Street, Allman Town, Kingston 4 addresses, as well as the shooting injury of a woman.

Reports from the Cross Roads police are that about 4:30 p.m., Wallace and an accomplice, both on a motorcycle, met with Brown and a woman at an address along the aforementioned road.

They proceeded to open gunfire at Brown and the woman, after which they escaped the area on said motorcycle. The injured parties were assisted to hospital, where Brown was pronounced dead, and the woman was treated and admitted.

Wallace was apprehended during an operation and taken into custody on Christmas Day, where the charges were subsequently laid against him. His court date is being finalised.

His accomplice is still at large, and the police are encouraging him to turn himself in.