Hoodlums helped themselves to approximately 8 million JMD, after spray painting CCTV cameras and prising grilles to access the inside of a remittance agency in Oracabessa, St. Mary on Tuesday, June 7.

The thieves stole:

·         $6,422,146 JMD

·         $ 5,935 USD

·         $ 700 CAD

·         $ 1,720 GBP

·         $ 670 EUR

Reports are that about 3:28 a.m., passerby called the police after noticing that the building was broken into. On arrival of the lawmen it was observed that the culprits spray painted the CCTV cameras with black paint, prised the grill. They then gained entrance into the vault and stole the monies.

The men made good their escape.