With the recent announcement of the re-opening of the entertainment sector by the Prime Minister, the public is being reminded of the following when applying for an entertainment permit. 

1.      Submit an application at least ten (10) clear days before the scheduled event.

2.      Address the application to the Superintendent in charge of the division (area) in which the event is to be held.

3.      State the:

i.                    applicant’s name, address and contact number clearly.

ii.                  reason for applying for the permit and the type of event.

iii.                date, time and venue of the event.

iv.                name of the sound system employed to play.

v.                  name and address of the selector/owner of the sound.

vi.                number of persons expected to attend. (70% of the venue capacity)


Members of the public are reminded that hosting an entertainment event without a permit is a breach of the Noise Abatement Act, for which you can be prosecuted.