On Wednesday March 16th, 2022 about 6:00 p.m., the St. Catherine Jamaica Eye office communicated that men who were involved in robberies across the parish of St. Catherine were travelling along Dunbeholden Road in a white Toyota Probox.

Police officers who were in the vicinity of Braeton in an unmarked service vehicle immediately proceeded towards Dunbeholden Road. The vehicle was spotted after passing through the traffic light at the Dunbeholden intersection and an attempt was made to intercept the motor vehicle at the traffic light.

The driver of the vehicle was given verbal instructions to stop but instead of complying, the driver sped off in the direction of Braeton. The car collided in the side of a truck and continued in the direction of Hellshire main road. The police officers pursued the vehicle  which pulled off the road behind a truck close to the 2 North entrance. One man was seen exiting  the vehicle while another man wearing a red shirt and blue jeans pants ran in the direction of the housing scheme and made good his escape from that area.

Assistance was sought and two members from the St. Catherine South traffic department and another police unit responded.  A search was conducted in the housing scheme and based on information received,  the man that escaped managed to board a bus in the vicinity of Monza and exited the bus in the vicinity of Silverstone. The police team proceeded to Silverstone housing scheme where a man fitting the description was seen.  The man ran and made good his escape on the approach of the police.

The man who was held with the vehicle was wanted for Larceny of Motor Vehicle and several other crimes in the parish of St. Catherine. He was taken into custody to be charged and the vehicle wrecked to the Greater Portmore police station.

Investigation continues.