As we approach the Yuletide season, the Jamaica Constabulary Force has heightened its security presence in and around commercial districts across the island and along public thoroughfares. The Police are advising members of the public that they should adopt safe practices as they traverse the nation’s streets to conduct business.

Additionally, members of the public are urged to obey road signs and markings in order to reduce or eliminate road accidents and fatalities. Here are a few tips that you use to help the Police  keep you safe during this Christmas season:



  • When taking public transportation, especially taxis, always remember the license plate number, colour and make of the vehicle. Always inform someone you trust about boarding a taxi. Be wary of drivers who ask you to divert from planned routes.
  • Taxi drivers are also being warned to be alert and look out for criminals who pose as passengers, avoid carrying groups of men and be wary of passengers who ask you to divert.
  • Do not drink and drive. Have a designated driver when you attend events in case you consume excessive alcohol. Also ensure your vehicles are properly secured at these events.
  • Obey the road code when travelling. Motor vehicle accidents tend to increase during the festive season.

The Police will continue to work assiduously to rid the streets of crime and violence as they urge the public to report crimes to the Police 119 emergency number, Crime Stop at 311 or the nearest Police Station.