Two men were arrested and charged after a foiled robbery that occurred along the intersection of Retreat and Seymour Avenue in Kingston on Tuesday, July 19.   

Charged with Assault at Common-Law, Robbery with Aggravation and Illegal Possession of Firearm are 25-year-old Miguel Stone of Sussex Lane, Franklin Town and 19-year-old Paul Alexander of York Street both in Kingston 16.

Reports from the Half Way Tree Police are that about 11:45 a.m., a licensed firearm holder saw a woman being robbed at gunpoint by Stone and Alexander. The licensed firearm holder challenged the men causing a Honda motorcycle on which they were travelling, to collide. The Police were summoned and on their arrival, both men were taken to hospital. 

Alexander and Stone were charged on Tuesday, August 09, after an identification parade in which they were pointed out. 

Their court date is being finalised.