The Police are reminding business owners to take steps to protect themselves and their properties as hoodlums will use any opportunity they can find to rob unsuspecting persons.


This reminder comes on the heels of a Clarendon man being charged following a robbery at a popular hardware in Manchester on Sunday, July 17.


Charged with Robbery with Aggravation and Conspiracy to Commit Robbery is Nathan Thompson, otherwise called ‘Liquid’ and ‘Country Man’, a 21-year-old security guard of James Hill and Old Paisley in Clarendon.


Reports are that Thompson, who was employed as a security guard at the hardware, allegedly escorted masked men to a room where the store supervisor was robbed of JMD 2 million. 


Intense investigations, including CCTV footage, produced evidence that Thompson conspired with the men. He was subsequently arrested and charged following an interview. His court date is being arranged.


Meanwhile, here are some robbery prevention tips for businesses:

·         Be alert to what is happening in your business all the time. Is there someone hanging

·         around for no reason, especially at opening or closing time?

·         Be aware of suspicious vehicles or persons outside the business at deposit time, opening time, and closing time.

·         Advise all employees to be alert to their surroundings. Greet customers as they enter the business. This gives potential robbers the impression you are alert and aware of their presence.

·         Make the business as visible as possible from the exterior. Robbers don’t like to be highly visible.

·         Call the police if you notice any suspicious persons or vehicles.

·         Keep cash on hand to an absolute minimum. Frequent deposits are recommended as this limits the profits for robbers. They will not come back if you do not have much to offer them.

·         Keep extra doors locked.

·         Keep at least two employees on duty at all times. Use the buddy system at opening and closing.

·         Vary your routes and times of deposit. Also watch for suspicious vehicles and persons at banks and other financial institutions.

·         Consider alarms and/or cameras.