Approximately 300 members of the St. Andrew South Police Division will be recognized for their hard work, commitment and dedication to service during three separate parades being held in the division between Thursday, December 23 and Friday, December 24.

Among the honourees are eight members who have since retired from the Constabulary and three stakeholders who continue to support the crime fighting and community policing efforts within St. Andrew South.

Acting head of the division, Superintendent of Police Damion Manderson, commended the members for their drive and encouraged them to continue their relentless efforts in protecting and serving the people of Jamaica.

“I am excited about the St. Andrew South team of frontline officers. They are a cut above the rest and we continue to see this through their effort in increased in clear up rates, increase in the seizure of firearms and ammunition and a decrease in all, but two, major crimes in 2021,” said Superintendent Manderson. He continued, “I take this opportunity to thank every member of the St. Andrew South Division for all they accomplished and I look forward to achieving all our targets in 2022.”