A man believed to be involved in recent robberies and shootings in Portmore, St. Catherine was nabbed in a targeted operation on Tuesday, October 27.

 The St. Catherine South Police carried out the operation in the Portmore Town Centre in response to reports that robbers were posing as delivery men and preying on unsuspecting citizens. During the operation, two men aroused the suspicion of the police and were pursued. The police apprehended one of the men. He was searched and a firearm was found, leading to his arrest. The other man escaped.

 Preliminary investigations have revealed that the man in custody is also wanted for shooting and robberies committed in the Portmore Municipality. He’s also a person of interest in a recent murder in the Gregory Park area. The investigation continues with a view of proffering charges.

The Operations Officer for St. Catherine South Division, Superintendent Hopton Nicholson, affirmed that, “We are encouraging citizens to be extremely vigilant when commuting in the division, especially on foot in areas that are lonely and not well lit. We are also imploring citizens who have been the victims of robberies, especially from perpetrators on motorcycles, to report the robberies to the police.”