A Westmoreland man has been charged with Murder and Illegal Possession of a Firearm following an incident in which he shot and killed his neighbour on Seaton Crescent, Savanna-La-Mar in the parish on Saturday, September  4, 2021.


Charged is O`Brian Gayle otherwise called ‘Bulby’, 27-year-old, Unemployed of Seaton Crescent, Savanna-La-Mar in Westmoreland.


Reports are about 3:45.a.m. Gayle went to a section of his yard were Richard Thompson, 24, resided and kicked open his door with the help of three other men. They then opened fire killing Thompson as soon as he opened the door. The Police were summoned and on the arrival of the team, Thompson was seen lying face down outside the house in a pool of blood with multiple gunshot wounds to his body. He was taken to hospital where death was confirmed.


Gayle was arrested in October 2021 and charged for Murder and Illegal Possession of Firearm


His court date will be announced at a later dead.