January 26, 2021– Detectives in St. James charged a man and a woman with Illegal Possession of Firearm and Ammunition on Monday, January 25 following two separate incidents in the parish.


The woman has been identified as 26-year-old Sutanya Earle of Norwood Gardens and the man, 33-year-old Lancelott Pessoa otherwise called ‘Shabba’ of Dam Road, John’s Hall both in St. James.


In the first incident on Thursday, January 21, about 1:24 p.m. during an operation, Police carried out a search at Earle’s home.  During the search two magazines containing a total of twenty-nine rounds of ammunition and a Glock pistol containing another round of ammunition were found.

Earle was taken into custody and later charged.


The second incident took place on Dam Road, John’s Hall in the parish. Reports are that about 5:10 p.m., a team of officers on patrol saw Pessoa walking along the main road with a black bag on his shoulder. Upon seeing the Police, Pessoa began to act in a manner that aroused their suspicion. He was accosted and the bag searched. One 9mm pistol along with a magazine containing twelve rounds of ammunition was found. Pessoa was taken into custody and later charged.


Earle and Pessoa court dates are being finalised.