In the heart of the Salt Spring community of St. James, a unique and beautiful relationship is flourishing. The St. James Police Division, through a bond fostered by service and care, has adopted the Hartfield Basic School. A symbol of their commitment to the community, this partnership is not only about maintaining law and order, but about nourishing minds and shaping futures.

Every school day begins with a warm meal for the students, courtesy of the police division’s breakfast programme. The initiative ensures that each child starts their day nourished and ready to learn. This steadfast support has brought a sense of security and positivity to the school environment and enhanced the learning experience for all the children.

In celebration of Labour Day, the St. James Police officers joined hands with parents and school staff, dedicating their time and resources to give the school a much-needed facelift. This initiative further cemented the relationship between the law enforcement officials and the school community. They painted walls, repaired fixtures, and shared laughs, creating not just a more vibrant learning environment but also lasting memories.

The school’s principal, Carlene Miller, couldn’t help but share her excitement and gratitude for this community-minded approach to policing. She commended the officers for their unwavering dedication to service and for being a #ForceForGood in the community.

“It’s inspiring to witness the transformation of our school and the students’ perception of the police,” stated Miller. “This partnership allows the children to view officers in a new light, fostering an atmosphere of respect and trust.”

Miller believes that these positive experiences are a testament to the police’s role in building a stronger community, dispelling negative perceptions, and promoting a cooperative spirit. She expresses hope that this model of police-community partnership will serve as an example for other communities across Jamaica.

As the St. James Police continues to bridge gaps and forge meaningful relationships with their adopted school, they are truly becoming more than protectors – they are mentors, friends, and most importantly, a #ForceForGood.