The Police High Command is commending investigators for the stellar work done in securing another conviction in an 11-year-old triple murder probe.

Two men are now serving their sentences for the gruesome murder of three security guards at their workplace in Sheffield, Westmoreland on Thursday, June 28, 2012. 

The deceased were identified as:

·         Thirty-three-year-old Bryan Morris of Station Road, Little London

·          Forty-year-old Sylvia Beckford of Whitehouse, and

·         Thirty-one-year-old Judith McCailey of Cordwell district, Green Island, all in the parish.

Thirty-one-year-old security guard Kevon Smith and 33-year-old welder Jason Butland of Three Miles River in Westmoreland were both charged with three counts of Murder, Larceny, Robbery with Aggravation and Arson.

Butland plead guilty and was sentenced to life in prison on July 28, 2017, however, his accomplice – Smith plead not guilty and the case went to trial. 

Over the period of the investigation, lawmen were able to establish the motive for the killings as robbery. All items stolen from the scene of the crime, including two firearms were recovered at Butland’s home. The case was solved through the use of various technologies, including communication and ballistic forensics.

Due to the undeniable evidence presented, Smith plead guilty on Thursday, April 13 and was sentenced to 21 years. Time served by him since 2012, was considered during sentencing.